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Example two: Owl City sings a song called Fireflies. In this song, he uses personification a lot. There are two main lyrics where he uses it though. In one part he sings…”You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep. Cause they fill the open air, and leave teardrops everywhere…” Then later in the song he sings…”Cause I’d get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightening bugs. As they tried to teach me how to dance…..” In both of these lyrics he is talking about fireflies (or lightening bugs) and he is giving them human characteristics. In the first lyric the main singer says that the fireflies leave teardrops everywhere. That is not possible. Then in the second lyric, he says lightening bugs give him hugs and teach him how to dance. That is not possible either. The main singer is using personification and giving the fireflies human characteristics and human actions. You can hear this song at this website…


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